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February 10, 2016

We did it! Took the plunge, and can proudly say we are new home owners- except ours is on wheels and very tiny. Technically this is Luke and Marley’s new home, but I’m on the bandwagon of tiny house living.

I’ve already got a list of little ‘cheap’ things to fix up, and Luke’s already a couple hundred bucks lighter with having to upgrade suspension on the car, repair his towbar, buy extended mirrors (cya $157!) etc. My main mission is interior organisation since he will be living in it full time, as well as interior upgrades/decor. Luke will manage all re-fitting/wiring/pimping structurally (but its already set up well for off grid living).

First task is to remove the ugly trim on the maroon curtains, then paint them a solid colour. Luke wants a white/grey/charcoal theme- not my preference but keen to try it out. The curtains can be painted with regular bunnings ‘latex’ paint since it doesnt matter if they go crispy. As long as they dont flake, it doesnt matter how they feel. As I’ve realised there’s hundreds of shades of grey, and I would love a warm grey like these tones:


The next task is the floral couch- HAHA! SO ready to get that re-done. Unfortunately caravan upholstry costs an arm and a leg which we don’t have spare, so I have done some research into fabric paints and have come across one brand in particular which wont change the texture of the canvas too much. Heck, its worth a shot.

The bedhead is also upholstered, and I was thinking of ripping this off the wall and simply using heavuy duty wallpaper to create a textured bedhead.

Once the curtains and couch are done, the next step is to tackle the kitchen. Countertop is great, in wonderful condition and not worth touching. The cupboards all around the van are quite dated and the wood look, as much as I loveeee wood, has to go. These will all be painted white, gloss white, but its an expensive task so not a priority just yet. The hinges and handles I hope to just cover in plasti-dip can we have left over from the car rims. Can’t wait! Check out my growing Ebay Collection here for all the bits and pieces I plan to use.

Another minor task for later down the road will be re-covering the floors. Right now they’re a white lino, but a beached-wood look lino like Blackbutt or ‘Dove’ would compliment the white cupboards and charcoal theme.

Anyway, that’s the plan, and I know it won’t all work out, but I hope to really have a chance to update this wicked little caravan and make it our own tiny home. (Maybe even get onto a herb garden and scandi-like linen, but thats The Block inside of me talking!)

Hope you all stay tuned as Luke, Marley and myself pimp out this glorious new tiny home!

Here she is in all her glory- our Coromal Seka 505 Offroad Caravan.

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